“A big, full of happiness shout out to Anna Lewis for an amazing massage today. My head now turns from left to right again (and back – it’s a miracle), legs no longer ache, shoulders are relaxed and most importantly my fuzzy, stressed out head is now calm, with clear mind. I’ve been on high all day since the massage this morning and feeling more positive than for months.”

Anne, Brighton


“Anna has almost magical powers to sooth and relax the body and mind. When I first walked in the thing that struck me was Anna’s warmth and humanity. She took a thorough history before the treatment. The room is spacious and gently lit, and lovely to be in. During the massage she really paid attention to what I needed and had asked for. I have had several more massages since and I recommended her to friends and family, and to anyone else who will listen!”

Gina, Brighton


“Walking on the clouds after Anna Lewis massage… A Must!  Highly recommend!”

Ieva, Brighton


“The best massage I’ve ever had!!!  I was recommended Anna by a friend of mine who goes to her regularly and was not disappointed.  Anna used techniques that I haven’t experienced before, including using her forearms and fists on my back, which I felt reached those muscles that don’t usually get worked on.  She managed to release a lot of tension in my shoulders, which have been giving me grief for ages.  I intend on being a regular of Anna’s from now on!”

Joanna,  Hove


“From the moment I walked through the door to Anna’s immaculate home I felt able to relax. Her cheerful, but calm welcome put me immediately at ease and I felt very comfortable on the massage table as well as peaceful.  Anna is very intuitive, and applied just the right pressure to relieve lots of tension in the key areas making me feel revitalised as well as relaxed. I would say its probably the best massage I’ve ever had, which is why I shall be making regular appointments from now on!.”

Hannah, Brighton