Choose a full body holistic massage to feel supremely relaxed, revitalised and restored. My holistic massages treat the whole person, meaning each massage will be as unique as you are.

£38 ~ 60min | £55 ~ 90min


The physical and emotional transformation of women at different stages of pregnancy and post birth is immense.  Pregnancy massage can help improve sleep, ease aches & pains, encourage calmness & relaxation and give you a chance to really bond with your baby.

£50 ~ 70min


During the fourth trimester each Mother's body continues to change and adjust along with a whole new world of emotions!  This calming and personally tailored massage is designed to support each Mother, creating balance & homeostasis in the body systems, leaving you feeling refreshed and centred.  This is your chance to really switch off and focus on you.

£50 ~ 70min


Choose a back, neck and shoulder massage if you'd like a little more time spent on this high tension area. Opt for a 30 minute massage if you are short on time!

£25 ~ 30min | £38 ~ 60min



I first became interested in massage therapy when I started to compare the varying treatments I received around the globe.  My first impressions of massage were that it was relaxing and pleasant for the client, and what most people would indulge in as a special treat or pamper session.

At this point I had no idea of the profound, beneficial physiological effects massage could have.  When I began to discover what massage could do, both in relaxation and in treating specific problems, I was completely hooked!  A few years ago I started to have regular treatments as part of an all-round well-being plan.  I felt the benefits so much that I decided that I would like to train to be a massage therapist in the hope of sharing this amazing feeling of balance and well-being with others.

I went on to gain a Diploma in Holistic Massage in 2017 and during my studies I came to recognise the connection between the physical, emotional and the energetic body.

Also in 2017 I welcomed my little boy into the world and became all too familiar with the stresses and strains that pregnancy and birth can have on the body.  So I decided to extend my studies with an advanced pregnancy and postpartum massage course, so that I could specialise in this area and ease some of these aches and pains for other Mummies!