Welcome to Simply Massage Brighton.
I am Anna, a Massage and Reflexology Therapist, specialising in Fertility and Pregnancy, alongside Pain Relief, Relaxation and Homeostasis

“Walking on the clouds after Anna Lewis massage… A Must! Highly recommend!”
Ieva, Brighton

Using a variety of techniques, my treatments aim to bring about a sense of relaxation to each client, revitalizing and restoring the body to its natural being state.

I first became interested in massage therapy when I started to compare the varying treatments I received around the globe. My first impressions of massage were that it was relaxing and pleasant for the client, and what most people would indulge in as a special treat or pamper session.

At this point I had no idea of the profound, beneficial physiological effects massage could have. When I began to discover what massage could do, both in relaxation and in treating specific problems, I was completely hooked! A few years ago I started to have regular treatments as part of an all-round well-being plan. I felt the benefits so much that I decided that I would like to train to be a massage therapist in the hope of sharing this amazing feeling of balance and well-being with others.

I went on to gain a Diploma in Holistic Massage in 2017 and during my studies I came to recognise the connection between the physical, emotional and the energetic body.

In 2018 I qualified in advanced Pregnancy & Postpartum Massage and am delighted to be able to offer these amazing side-lying treatments to pregnant ladies and new Mothers and anyone else who is unable to lie on their back/front comfortably.

In 2022 I trained as a reflexology therapist and later specialised in fertility, pregnancy & postpartum reflexology as I have experienced these amazing treatments first hand.

Both Massage and Reflexology are such powerful tools in helping to restore the connection between body and mind. My aim is to work with you to help you feel in balance, pain free and calm, by improving flexibility, reducing stress, eliminating toxins and building your immune system amongst many other benefits.


ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage 2017

College of Classical Massage, Brighton

ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology 2017

College of Classical Massage, Brighton

Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage 2018

JING Advanced Massage Training

VTCT Diploma in Reflexology 2022

Sussex School of Natural Therapies

Reflexology for Fertility & Pregnancy 2022

Sussex School of Natural Therapies