Your treatment will take place in my cosy treatment room, with a carefully chosen soundtrack and a selection of gorgeous natural waxes. Please allow an extra 15mins for all appointments

“Thank you so incredibly much for the massage yesterday. I felt so grounded, relaxed and energised it was truly amazing!”
Camilla, Brighton, 36wks pregnant


45min ~ £40 | 60min ~ £50 | 75min ~ £60 | 90min ~ £70

Choose a full body holistic massage to feel supremely relaxed, revitalised and restored. My holistic massages treat the whole person, meaning each massage will be as unique as you are.


60min ~ £58 | 75min ~ £68

The physical and emotional transformation of women at different stages of pregnancy and post birth is immense.  Pregnancy massage can help improve sleep, ease aches and pains, encourage calmness & relaxation and give you a chance to really bond with your baby.


60min ~ £58 | 75min ~ £68 | 90min ~ £78

During the fourth trimester, each Mother’s body continues to change and adjust, along with a whole new world of emotions!  This calming & personally tailored massage is designed to support each Mother, creating balance and homeostasis in the body systems, leaving you feeling refreshed and centred.  This is your chance to really switch off and focus on you.

————— REFLEXOLOGY —————

 45min ~ £40 | 60min ~ £50

Choose a reflexology treatment if you are looking to feel relaxed, calm, focussed, light and balanced. My holistic reflexology treats the whole person, meaning each session will be as unique as you are.


 45min ~ £40 | 60min ~ £50

Reflexology for fertility, pregnancy and hormonal imbalance focuses on re-balancing hormones, but also gives you a sense of relaxation almost instantly due to the release of oxytocin. Clients report feeling deeply relaxed, calm and grounded, which is the optimum state our bodies should be in whilst trying to conceive, pregnant or experiencing hormonal changes.