NOTICE: I am increasing my prices from 2022 (£5 per treatment).  You can purchase as many vouchers as you like this year to take advantage of my current price list 🙂

Your massage will take place either in my garden or treatment room in my home, with a carefully chosen soundtrack and a selection of oils & waxes.  During CV pandemic, all consultations are taking place prior to your appointment either via email or telephone.


£45 ~ 60min | £60 ~ 90min

Choose a full body holistic massage to feel supremely relaxed, revitalised and restored. My holistic massages treat the whole person, meaning each massage will be as unique as you are.


£55 ~ 60min | £75 ~ 90min

The physical and emotional transformation of women at different stages of pregnancy and post birth is immense.  Pregnancy massage can help improve sleep, ease aches and pains, encourage calmness & relaxation and give you a chance to really bond with your baby.


 £55 ~ 60min | £75 ~ 90min

During the fourth trimester, each Mother’s body continues to change and adjust, along with a whole new world of emotions!  This calming & personally tailored massage is designed to support each Mother, creating balance and homeostasis in the body systems, leaving you feeling refreshed and centred.  This is your chance to really switch off and focus on you.